3 Tips to Prevent Fall Accidents From Happening to Your Senior Loved Ones

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Our aging parents and grandparents no longer have the same fast reflexes, coordination, and sense of balance as our younger selves; that’s why fall accidents are considered the most common cause of injuries in the elderly. A simple fall, even if it isn’t from a fatal height, can lead to broken bones, hip fractures, and even fatal head injuries in the worst-case scenario. 

The reasons vary from something seemingly simple as wet spots, uneven stairs, or loose electrical cords left haphazardly on the floor, but aside from risk factors, providing clinical support at home can do wonders for preventing falls in the first place. In addition to creating a safer environment, how else can you help your aging family members stay secure on their feet?

Basic Ways to Prevent Fall Accidents in Seniors

Tip #1: Request for Regular Exercise Programs with the Help of Home Health Care

The best way to ensure your senior loved ones stay strong is to keep them physically active. By exercising the body using low-impact, senior-friendly routines, they can maintain their muscles and improve their sense of balance. 

Exercising can also improve their gait, lowering the risk of tripping on their own two feet and giving them a better ability to catch themselves if something gets in their way. 

Tip #2: Help Strengthen Old Bones

Weaker bones tend to be brittle and break easily, so a fall that you could brush off when you were younger can cause lasting damage to older members of society. That’s why it’s important to keep the bones strong by providing a calcium-rich diet and a daily dose of vitamin D for a more holistic approach. 

Tip #3: Provide Non-Slip Shoes

Even with stronger bones, better flexibility, and an improved sense of balance, falls can still happen if the surroundings are filled with clutter. Slippery floors can also lead to untimely accidents, but providing non-slip shoes should give them a more secure footing to trudge forward with a firmer grip in every step. 

The Bottom Line: Different Ways to Protect Seniors From Falls 

The home is where people seek an oasis from the world, but despite being a safe space for everyone, it doesn’t exempt anyone from getting into accidents in some way or form. Our senior family members are at high risk of running into something hazardous but often deal with falls in slippery places like the bathroom and the kitchen. 

Seeing the frequency of these unexpected mishaps, it’s important to create a safer home for our elderly loved ones so they can live to the fullest without fear of falling again. 

What Can We Do To Enhance the Health of Your Senior Family Members?

Your elderly loved ones deserve to live the rest of their lives in comfort; that’s why our professional caregivers are committed to providing quality home-based patient care so they can stay on track with their daily needs in the safety of their personal space. Get in touch with our highly trained clinicians and therapists today at (800) 476-0043!