How to Help Senior Loved Ones Cope With Social Distancing

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COVID fatigue affects everyone around the world, and as people try to beat cabin fever by setting zoom parties, groups like the elderly may not have the same nifty tricks to stay connected while social distancing. 

Senior loved ones in hospice care may miss out on opportunities to reunite with their friends, family, and other social groups, leaving them stuck at home in social isolation. This is a major health concern for the elderly population since loneliness can lead to anxiety or depression; that’s why it’s important to help senior citizens find ways to cope with the pandemic. 

Seniors Living in Hospice and Palliative Care: Ways to Lift Their Spirits During Quarantine

1. Encourage Mental or Physical Activity

Distracting someone from the long hours of the day is a great way to inject some much-needed fun, especially for senior family members. You can extend your support by contacting your elderly loved one’s aides and request a program that involves doing light exercises designed for older members of the community.

After all, exercising and staying active in some way or form can help improve moods and keep the mind sharp, making this solution beneficial in more ways than one. 

2. Find Ways to Stay In Contact 

Social distancing restrictions can make it tricky to visit your senior family members, but it’s worth the effort if it means making them feel loved and part of your life. With that in mind, you can call them every day and share stories to brighten their days. You can even send over gifts like puzzles, sewing projects, picture books, and other things that can boost their happiness. 

3. Plan Social-Distancing-Friendly Visits

The elderly are at high risk during these uncertain times, but there are safe ways to visit them in palliative care without exposing them to different coronavirus variants. For one, you can plan activities that involve seeing them without coming into close contact — from taking a window visit where you can set up exciting picture presentations or personally delivering their comfort food for quick reconnection.

The Bottom Line: Exploring Simple Ways to Keep Senior Loved Ones Connected While Practicing Social Distancing 

Leaving the elderly to their own devices can dull their mind and leave them feeling anxious as they’re stuck at home, but finding ways to keep them active can do wonders for boosting their mood. Everyone needs healthy distractions in a time when covid-fatigue is taking a toll, and your senior family members need the same connection to feel part of a community despite the quarantine restrictions. 

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