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Home Health Care as a Great System To Recover From Surgery

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There are experiences in life that people may have to recover from. While most of it is from emotional and psychological trauma, people do not talk about physical recovery as much, especially when it involves surgery. For the most part, a person may get by with prescription medicines and alternative procedures, but if things are […]

Senior Care Diabetic-friendly Tips the Elderly Need

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So, what is a diabetic diet? The ADA or American Diabetes Association says there is no single answer. Healthy diabetic elderly diets contain non-starchy veggies and limit sweets and processed carbohydrates. However, diabetic elders have numerous pleasant and healthful meal and snack alternatives. Diabetes is a glucose metabolism disorder, and it occurs when the pancreas […]

How Hospice Care Helps Patients Dealing With Mental Illness

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Mental health is equally important as physical health. However, not all families realize that, so they end up ignoring or overlooking mental health issues in their families. As a result, many patients dealing with mental health issues don’t get the proper treatment and care they need, resulting in more severe complications and effects.  If you […]

Spiritual Care and Why It’s Important in Hospice Care

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When we talk about patient care, many think that it only covers physical and medical care. Although it’s important to have conversations about the mind and body, spirituality is also important.  In essence, the spirit is neither the mind nor body—it’s the force that shapes and influences a person’s life and actions. Spirituality encourages us […]

How Palliative Care Is Different from Hospice Care

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One of the toughest, most challenging experiences anyone can go through in their life is living with a terminal illness such as dementia, cancer, and the like. Not only is the illness directly affecting the person’s life physically, but it can also be detrimental to their psychological and even spiritual health as they slowly near […]

Managing Mental Health in Seniors: A Quick Guide

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Everyone can develop mental health issues, but some people are more vulnerable than others. Seniors are particularly susceptible to experiencing the signs and symptoms of depression. This serious condition affects around six million Americans aged 65 and older, which is as alarming as it sounds. Depression is more than just fleeting feelings of sadness—it’s a […]