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Nutritional Components That Promote Healing after Surgery

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Many seniors find it challenging to discuss surgery with their families, physicians, or even themselves. It may be frightening for many people with old age to realize that they need surgery, and thinking about the recuperation process can add to their stress. When you or a loved one is recovering after surgery, the process may be slow […]

A Step-by-Step Guide to Preventing Falls in the Elderly

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Each year, millions of older adults (over the age of 65) experience falls. It’s a widely concerning fact that becomes more and more prominent as the aging population grows. Elderly individuals often will have significantly reduced or impaired senses, making them more susceptible to fall injuries.  Although the risk of sustaining fall injuries increases as […]

Benefits of Post-Acute Care Done by Home Health Providers

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Many patients undergo post-acute care after receiving treatment for an illness, injury, or operation. The medical attention and care they need involve rehabilitation, symptom management, and much more. While the family can hire caregivers to assist a patient with daily activities, they can also entrust their loved one to professionals from home health agencies. In […]

Different Types Of Wound Dressings And When To Use Them

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No one wants to get wounded. Unfortunately, a wound can sometimes be an essential part of the healing process. All surgeries, for example, would result in wounds. If patients want to recover fast, they have to perform proper wound care. Or else, they could get infections, worsen the health problem, and extend the healing time.  […]

The Benefits of Home Health Services for Amputation Patients

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It’s quite difficult to plan out the therapy and adjustments for post-amputation patients. Losing a limb and the heavy trauma associated with it are never easy. Hopefully, rehabilitation will help them adjust after dealing with this major change. Home health services can assist and help patients adjust. They can provide the proper support and encouragement. […]

Reasons Why Home Health Physical Therapy is the Best Choice

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Physical therapy is frequently suggested as a course of treatment for people who have had an accident, injury, or surgery. Through this long-term treatment, patients can regain mobility, functional capacity, and quality of life. Physical therapy services are available in several venues. Some patients, however, find it difficult to leave the house to go to […]

Making Aging in Place Viable for People with Mobility Issues

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Aging in place (or staying in an individual’s own home as they grow older) is popular among the elderly, especially when they want to live relatively independently and know they will not adjust well in a drastically different living condition. However, doing so may be difficult for people with mobility issues. Leaving a loved one […]

Vital Questions to Ask When Choosing a Hospice Care Provider

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There’s no denying that choosing the perfect hospice provider for a loved one can be scary and overwhelming sometimes. Since there are numerous options available, it’s pretty hard to decide which one best fits the needs of the person in question. In general, all hospices offer a base level of care and services to their […]

How to Choose the Best Hospice Care For Your Loved One

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When hospice care is suggested for a loved one, family members typically react with mixed feelings. What family members need to realize is that the doctor’s suggestion is motivated by compassion. When continued therapy is no longer the best choice, hospice care takes over. Hospice focuses on care rather than cure. The goal of hospice […]