Benefits of Post-Acute Care Done by Home Health Providers

Elderly patient and caregiver

Many patients undergo post-acute care after receiving treatment for an illness, injury, or operation. The medical attention and care they need involve rehabilitation, symptom management, and much more.

While the family can hire caregivers to assist a patient with daily activities, they can also entrust their loved one to professionals from home health agencies. In most cases, medical insurance companies can cover home health and hospice services in the patient’s home, allowing your family member to receive quality post-acute care somewhere comfortable and safe.

The clinical support offered by home health providers is not where the benefits end. Some of the other advantages of hiring a professional from a home health agency include the following:

Licensed Medical Professionals Offer Quality Hospice Care at Home

Once your loved one comes home from the hospital, you’d still want to provide them with the best medical care possible so that their recovery will go smoothly. When you hire a provider from a home health agency, you can have an assurance that this will be the case.

The medical providers deployed by home health agencies are licensed professionals trained to provide rehabilitation therapy services. The care that your loved one will receive depends on their unique condition and can be provided by a nurse, medical social worker, speech-language pathologist, occupational therapist, or physical therapist.

You Can Have Your Inquiries Answered Immediately

The primary struggle of those whose loved ones are confined in a hospital is getting one-on-one time with a doctor at random but necessary moments. This can be expected since medical professionals hardly ever rest in a place as busy as a hospital. You can avoid this and get their undivided attention and expertise during post-acute care by hiring a home health specialist.

A home health provider is always there to provide for your loved one’s needs. If you have inquiries about medications, dietary restrictions, and other medical concerns, they will be available to supplement the information you need.

Patients Will Receive Personalized Home Health Plans

Not everyone recovers at the same pace, but the correct treatment plan can help speed up the process. Effective post-acute care relies on the specialized routine created by your loved one’s doctor.

A doctor establishes an appropriate quality health plan using evidence-based guidelines. The level and nature of the care provided by the home health agency will rely heavily on this customized plan. By having the right doctor and medical providers caring for your loved one, you can have confidence that their recovery will speed up, even when they’re being treated at home.

Patients Do Better Under the Care of Home Health Providers

Studies show that post-acute care is more effective than the services received by individuals in a traditional nursing facility. Patients who have undergone this type of treatment are less likely to return to healthcare facilities or get sent to the emergency room.

Patients who have experienced post-acute care from home health providers are reported to need fewer confinements or hospitalizations than their counterparts. Additionally, stroke victims cared for at home by professionals from home health agencies demonstrated better results in functional recovery.


Home health and hospice care at home for your loved one is beneficial not only to the patient but also to your family. In addition to the personalized medical treatments and attention provided, you can also closely monitor your family member’s progress in the comfort of your home.

At Bridge Home Health & Hospice, we do our best to attend to our patients’ needs. We provide outstanding home health and hospice care at home for individuals in need of medical attention from licensed clinicians and therapists. Contact us today for further details.