When Is Hospice Care the Right Answer

Having an elderly loved one in your home is a testament to your strong familial bonds. However, it does raise several questions on how you can care for them in the long-term. For most cases, families living with their elderly relatives don’t have the proper facilities and training to oversee their seniors’ medical attention they need. Since they’re at a very vulnerable milestone in their lives, it’s necessary to get your senior loved ones the proper care they need. Getting proper care is even more crucial for those who are nearing the last leg of their lives.

What does hospice care do?

Hospice is for patients with terminal illnesses and can no longer depend on traditional medical care for recovery. Instead of treatment, hospice care ensures that your elderly loved one will be as comfortable as possible with the little time they have left.

Bridge Hospice will send a patient advocate to meet and speak with you regarding all your questions before admission. Generally, these healthcare providers only accept patients that have six months or fewer to live. They may also require a doctor’s note to certify this fact.

What if my elderly loved one doesn’t qualify for hospice care?

Contrary to popular belief, hospice care doesn’t always have to be your elderly loved ones’ next milestone. You have several options to consider as alternatives to hospice care. However, you should ensure that the service or facility you choose will match your elderly’s needs.

  • Adult day healthcare centers: Patients with multiple chronic health conditions can opt to stay in adult day healthcare facilities. Instead of leasing a room for a 24-hour agency, you can enroll them in a day program that provides various medical treatments and other forms of care. It’s an excellent option for busy families that cannot afford a personal nurse to tend to their elderly loved ones back home.
  • Adult daycare centers: Not all conditions are of the physiological sort. Sometimes, our elderly have a much harder time feeling motivated without being around their peers. Being around peers is why adult daycare centers are an excellent place for them to socialize without the need for intensive medical care facilities. Keep in mind that these establishments will only be a good fit for families that cannot attend to their elderly occupants.
  • Home health care providers: Not all families are comfortable leaving their elderly to outside institutions, even if they will receive proper supervision. Because of this, is why home health care providers can provide their services to your elderly loved ones straight in your home. These healthcare experts can get them the proper care for simple routines to physical therapy sessions. Home health is a viable option for families that can spend a little extra to stay close to their elderly.


Preparing for your elderly loved ones passing doesn’t have to be a depressing thought. There are many ways to make their remaining years the best ones they could ever have. By respecting their wishes and granting their needs, you can give them a send-off for a life well spent.

We can empathize that finding the right solution to handle your elderly is never easy, which is why we’re here to help. At Bridge Home Health and Hospice, we offer various high-quality senior health services in California led by qualified nurses and healthcare professionals. For more information, contact us at (800) 476-0043.

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