Effective Tips to Help Your Loved Ones Avoid Fall Accidents

Elderly woman smiling at home

The elderly require more care and attention because they could be at risk of falls that could put their lives on the line, resulting in injuries, trauma, and even death. It’s dangerous for them to live alone because if they cannot take good care of themselves and they experience a fall accident, it could make a huge impact on their quality of life and desire for independent living.

While healthcare industries strive to reduce falls and the consequences they come with, if you’re living with your parents or grandparents, you should take the matter seriously. For those who don’t stay in the same household as their senior loved ones and only see them once in a while, you must do your part to prevent them from experiencing fall accidents. 

If you cannot look after your loved ones all the time, you may want to consider getting hospice care at home to ensure someone can keep an eye out for your parents or grandparents. Similarly, you can still do your part to ensure they remain in good health. Keep reading below to find out how to ensure your loved ones don’t experience fall injuries. 

Consult with a Doctor 

While you cannot always be by their side, you can accompany your loved one to see their doctor. You can also be the one to schedule the appointment, so they don’t have to stress over it anymore. 

You must be present during the consultation because if your loved one goes alone, they could feel overwhelmed and forget all the advice their doctor will tell them. You could take the opportunity to ask questions and know things like their prescription, health concerns, and what to do in case of fall accidents. 

Exercise Regularly 

As your loved one gets older, their body becomes weaker. However, you should still push them to keep moving and perform physical activities to strengthen their muscles. It’s an excellent way to avoid fall injuries, so long as their doctor gives them the go signal. 

Exercises don’t have to be intense at their age. Instead, they can go walks, do tai chi, or do other gentle exercises that won’t require exerting too much effort. Slow but steady movements can help minimize fall risks and improve their balance, strength, coordination, and flexibility. 

Put On the Right Shoes 

Your loved one’s footwear plays a significant role in protecting them from fall accidents. As much as possible, they shouldn’t put on slippers, sandals, or shoes with high and thick soles because it can cause them to slip, lose their balance, and fall down the floor.

Instead, they must wear durable and comfortable footwear that fits them properly and won’t endanger them. Their shoes should also have non-skid soles for better protection. Wearing the correct footwear greatly minimizes your loved one’s joint pain as well. 

Put Away Hazards in Sight 

As your loved one receives the elderly care they deserve from nurses or therapists, their home should be appropriate for their current condition. You could double-check each of their rooms and check if potential hazards are present that could lead to a fall accident. 

You can practice ways to ensure their home is safer for living by putting away things that are blocking or cluttering walkways. Transferring tables, racks, and stands that you can find in high-traffic sections of the home are also necessary to prevent unforeseeable accidents. 


Aging loved ones are automatically at risk of experiencing unwanted incidents that could affect their life. Fortunately, you can strive to achieve fall prevention by keeping them safe and hiring senior health services to be there for their every need. Don’t forget to assist your parents or grandparents by reminding them to consult with a doctor, exercise regularly, wear the right shoes, and put away hazards that could provoke fall accidents.

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