Here’s How You Properly Explain Hospice Care To Children

talking to kids

Hospice care is a family-centered kind of treatment for patients who are facing the  final stages of life. These patients are usually suffering a life-limiting illness or facing conditions brought by old age. Explaining this to your kids is more difficult than you might think. It’s never easy, but you have to be prepared. 

From the moment you have to call home health care agencies, you have to explain these processes to the little ones. So how can you explain exactly what hospice care is to your kids? Here’s a guide for you:

Be Straightforward

Waiting for the perfect time is a myth. Sometimes, it’s best to spark the conversation right away, especially to kids. Don’t do the “waiting game.” It isn’t advisable in this scenario. 

Another tip for telling your kids what hospice care: you have to avoid using deep or complicated medical words. It’s important for them to understand it in the simplest terms possible. Try imagining the situation in their shoes; everyone prefers when someone explains it in ways they can understand.

Give Them Nothing But The Truth

You might want to lean towards telling them the truth about what’s happening, rather than keeping it from them. Sure, it’s understandable that you want to protect them from possible harm, but kids deserve to know the truth. Letting your children deal with the truth and their emotions surrounding itis way healthier than hiding it from them. This way, the kids will learn how to handle their emotions in similar situations and show empathy to others going through grief.

It’s OK To Tell Them That You Don’t Know

In some cases, it’s acceptable and more appropriate to politely tell your kids that you don’t know what happened. Parents don’t have to know everything nor should they have the answers all the time. Be comfortable telling them that you don’t know what happened. This is to control them from getting overwhelmed by what’s going on. Kids still have to figure out how to handle such situations appropriately.

Explain What Hospice Is

When explaining why a loved one is being moved to a healthcare facility or to hospice care, the key is to let them know how assisted living is the better option for their loved one. This will let the kids know that this method will make their loved one more comfortable.

In Conclusion

Make sure that your kids understand the process. A proper explanation can allow them to process their feelings about the situation and prepare themselves for the passing of their loved one. After all, death and grieving are a part of life; it is important that they learn how to handle these subjects in a healthy way.

It’s never easy to explain what hospice care is to children, especially since nobody is ever ready for it. Following these tips may help you if you don’t know how to explain it to the kids. If you’re looking for senior health services in San Diego, click the link, contact Bridge Home Health & Hospice, and we’ll assist you right away.