4 of the Best Presents You Can Give Hospice Patients


Do you know someone who’s in hospice care, and you want to do something for them? Even though hospice might seem like the last stage in someone’s life, that doesn’t mean you can’t make someone feel happy and appreciated. In fact, this is the best time you reach out to them to let them feel your presence that can help them through this difficult time. 

Giving them a gift is one of the easiest and best things you can do. However, what kind of gift should you give someone in hospice care? 


Candles are known to bring calmness to anyone, which makes them a good and thoughtful gift. Choose candles with soothing scents, as these candles can help make the patient’s room warmer and more comfortable. 

Candles can also help patients feel more at ease despite their symptoms. If you can, find out the person’s favorite scents by asking their family or close friends. 

On the other hand, it’s also best to know the patient’s specific treatments and needs first because they may have a certain aversion to smells, which could make your scented candles a disaster. 

Water Bottle Cover

One of the ways to comfort and soothe the pain of hospice patients is by using hot water bottles. They are also used in some patients who need to relax. Most of the time, these hot water bottles look plain and dull. Spice them up by gifting water bottle covers to add more color or to make water bottles feel brighter in the eyes of the hospice patient. If you’ve got the skills, you can even craft it yourself—a little personalization will definitely go a long way. 

Cozy Blanket

Patients in hospice spend more of their time in bed, and they usually are in pain, which makes chills a common occurrence. A thoughtful gift you can give them is a cozy blanket that is made of fleece that will help soothe them. 

Digital Photo Frame or Voice Recorder

Most hospice patients can no longer use their mobile phones, and even if some can, they choose not to. A digital photo frame will help them reflect back on the good memories they had with the most important people in their lives. By giving them a digital photo frame, you can remind them who they are and the many people who love them. 

Another good digital gift is a voice recording which the patient can use to record their thoughts and memories about their life. They can also use it to share messages with their loved ones. If you have the budget for it, you can give them both! 


Having a loved one in hospice is difficult, but it’s more difficult for the patient. The good news is, there are still ways you can ease their pain and difficulties by sending them any of these thoughtful gift ideas. These will make things more bearable for them in hospice, and it is a great way for you to make them feel loved and thought of. 

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