Understanding Patient-Centered Care and Its Advantages

doctor talking to patient

No one wants to see their loved ones suffer. At the core of a disease or illness, the concerns a patient most are their conditions and the amount of care they are given. For the most part, the doctors and nurses are always present, determined to cure the illness or alleviate any pain and discomfort.

While that may be a noble act on the medical team, most often shift their focus solely on the disease and its cure rather than the patient itself. This is where patient-centered care comes in.

What Is Patient-Centered Care?

As the name implies, it is a process of care that is centered around the patient and not just on their current condition. Patient-centered care is a method designed to touch on the mental, spiritual, and psychological aspects, ensuring that the patient wouldn’t have to go through hopelessness, depression, and trauma on the road towards their full recovery.

What Are the Benefits of Patient-Centered Care?

Aside from the example mentioned above, patient-centered care has other advantages that the patient will surely appreciate while recovering. The following are just some of the most common examples.

1. It Alleviates the Stressful Situation

Patients aren’t the only ones suffering in this situation. Their loved ones are also stressed out, especially since they see the patient in pain and struggling to cope with their current condition. Patient-centered care will at least regulate all of the stress and advise both the patient and their loved ones during the whole ordeal. 

Yes, it is not easy, and emotions may always get in the way, but these feelings would make things harder for everyone. By tackling the emotional and mental aspects of the whole situation, no one would have to feel extremely sad and hopeless.

2. It Makes the Patient Feel That Someone Cares

This factor may give off a negative connotation against doctors and nurses but let us clarify this further. All of the hardworking personnel in the medical field are tirelessly working night and day to ensure that their patients are well-taken care of and that their situation doesn’t worsen. 

They also make sure that no patient will be left unattended so their conditions will get better in time. 

With that out of the way, there are times when a patient may not realize all of the things happening behind the scenes. They may not see the hard work provided by the doctor and the nurse due to the overwhelming feeling of dread and fear. This is because the medical personnel is only focused on the illness itself and not on the patient. Patient-centered care touches on these negative feelings and helps the patient see the positivity out of the darkness, thus, even letting them know that they are not alone during the whole ordeal.

3. It Prepares Them for the Inevitable

Unfortunately, an illness can be so severe that no treatment can cure it. This is true for older people, whose bodies may no longer have the capacity to handle all of the medications being given to them due to their age. 

In such cases, patient-centered care will prepare them for the worst, orienting them on their current treatment’s possible results. It’s not easy, and no one knows what tomorrow will bring, but the patient and their loved ones will be prepared for whatever may come their way.


Patient-centered care is all about giving the patient all the attention they need, aside from the usual cure intended for their illness. It is all about giving them emotional, mental, spiritual, and psychological clarity and relief. 

It’s normal to feel sadness, pain, and dread when faced with a severe condition, and this type of care will deal with all of that. By preparing them and their loved ones for the inevitable, things wouldn’t be too hard when the time comes.

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