Everything You Need to Know About Home Care Services

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Home care is a branch of health care and supportive services provided by trained professionals at a client’s home. This is usually for patients who are unable or prefer not to receive medical attention at a healthcare facility. It’s also a preferred service for patients recovering from surgery or living with a chronic disease. Besides the situations mentioned, there are numerous ways home care can benefit your household.

Getting to Know Home Care Professionals

Home care is primarily for rehabilitation or advanced forms of providing treatment to patients. Although it’s more common to provide these services for elderly individuals, younger patients can also benefit from these home-based setups. Since every medical condition will require the appropriate care, there are different specialists recommended depending on the patient’s condition.

Your home care professional could be a registered nurse (RN) who can provide different degrees of medical treatments at home. This includes basic medical care like administering medications to more specialized services to aid in faster recovery for home-stuck patients.

For senior individuals, home health aides can assist in day-to-day tasks. This includes helping loved ones bathe, dress, use the toilet, take walks, and provide companionship. It’s a service that’s most beneficial for seniors who prefer to live in their own home but still need someone to look after them. A home health aide’s medical training makes them a valuable presence around the elderly who have a higher risk of getting into accidents at home.

Sourcing Home Care Services

You can find home care services through different avenues. Some hospitals have a specific department for these health care professionals. Alternatively, you can look for independent healthcare institutions that focus on providing these invaluable services.

Home care agencies assign and supervise varied home care personnel and connect them with the right clients. Most of these establishments are Medicare-certified, proving that they meet federal patient care standards and are insured by Medicare and Medicaid. This means you can trust the medical professionals they have on board, whether they’re nurses, physical therapists, home care aides, or social workers.

Besides these organized institutions, you can also look for independent providers with the proper training and expertise to market their services as sole service providers.

While you can look for home care professionals yourself, it’s essential to consider your friends’ and relatives’ opinions and referrals. Taking their past experiences in mind can point you toward the right home care professional you need in your household.

Financing Home Care Services

Medicare and Medicaid programs can cover part of your home care services provided that the agency you’re working with is Medicare certified. Also, your personal physician must approve and review the services they’ll provide for you. Additionally, the US Veteran’s Administration (VA) has programs to pay for home care services for eligible patients.

Besides these government-backed financing options, private insurance companies can cover short-term home care services. However, you’ll need to consult with your insurance provider to confirm the coverage of your specific plan. For example, some clauses don’t include personal care services while skilled medical care is covered.



Choosing a qualified and accommodating health care professional to assist the sick members of your household is a decision you shouldn’t take lightly. When weighing your options between different home care services, it’s important to gauge their credibility and expertise to provide your needs. Be vigilant when choosing your home health provider and remember to choose an institution you can trust.


Trusting in the right health care professionals will ensure that your ill loved ones will lead a safe, comfortable life. Our team at Bridge Home Health & Hospice are composed of skilled home health professionals with the proper training and expertise to give you quality services. Contact us to learn more about our service packages!