How to Effectively Take Care of Seniors With Diabetes

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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over 120 million people in the US have diabetes or pre-diabetes. These numbers are alarming, especially if there’s a large portion of seniors included. 

Diabetes is a challenging condition that needs extreme care and maintenance. This fact is especially true for adults who are now in their golden age. Unfortunately, uncontrolled diabetes may lead to long-term complications like stroke, heart attack, nerve damage, kidney failure, blindness, and more. That said, diabetes should be managed strictly and effectively. 

If you give care to a person, particularly a senior with diabetes in your home, this guide is for you. In this article, we will discuss how you can take care of them effectively. 

1. Educate Yourself about Diabetes

There’s no other way to take care of someone with diabetes than by knowing the condition itself. It’s best to equip yourself with knowledge so that you can perform the proper care to your patient. Learn about the disease, how to manage it, and the available treatment. This way, you can successfully face the condition together because you know what to do and must not do. Just make sure to get information from a reliable source. You can enroll in diabetes education classes at local health clinics or hospices.

2. Support Their Lifestyle Changes

Dealing with diabetes requires a 360 turn of lifestyle changes. It’s already challenging for young people with diabetes, so the hardship is doubled for older adults. The best thing you can do to help them is to support their lifestyle changes by doing the same things they are required to do. For example, if they have to eat a healthier diet or need to exercise more, do it together so it will be fun and easier for them. 

3. Coordinate Medications

As a caregiver to a senior, you need to stay on top of their medication because they may have a tendency to forget to take them on time. Aside from that, they may also take too much or take too little medicine. As much as possible, be the one to handle their medications and be with them on their doctor’s appointments to note the crucial things that must be done. 

4. Take Exercise Seriously

When taking care of a senior diabetes patient, you must consider exercise as one of their medications. Make sure to keep them active to keep their blood sugar levels down. However, know when to stop because the patient may already have a low sugar level. You should monitor their sugar levels first and have a physical activity schedule in place. If you and your older adult are exercising away from home, make sure you have valuable items like glucose tablets, water, and carb-rich snacks to be ready if there is an emergency. 


Gaining knowledge about how to manage diabetes will allow you to take care of your patient effectively. Even if you are not a professional, learning some basics will still help them get better. Take extra care of the older adults with diabetes in your home because they are more prone to severe diabetes complications. 

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