How Hospice Care at Home Works & Why Consider It

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Where do you want to spend your remaining days? Most people who get asked this question have one answer—at home. Understandably, being in the comforts of your own home during your final days instead of being in a hospital or nursing home is a popular choice. After all, you are more comfortable at home. Here, you are surrounded by family members and reminded of all the precious memories you’ve shared throughout your life.

If a loved one has this choice, you can opt for hospice care at home. This type of care provides highly trained end-of-life care specialists.

Hospice at Home: What to Expect

Before receiving hospice care at home, an assessment must be done first. Doctors and the hospice team will evaluate if a home environment can sustain the needs of the patient.

Once eligible for hospice home care, everything the patient will need will be provided, including medical equipment, supplies, and medicines. These will be delivered to the house. Some medical equipment includes a hospital bed and/or a wheelchair.

The hospice team will also meet with the family to provide necessary instructions on the patient’s care, medical equipment, and medicines. Every week, staff from the hospice facility will visit the patient. Moreover, the team will also communicate with the patient’s doctor should there be any adjustments to care and medication.

There are hospice aides who will also stop by several times a week for personal care, like bathing and grooming. Social workers will also work with the patient and family to help address emotional needs, funeral planning, and many more.

Finally, if the patient is practicing a specific faith or just needs spiritual support, chaplains can also visit the patient at home.

Get More Quality Time

Hospice home care allows family members to have more time with the patient. In turn, it also helps the patient feel more supported and comforted during this time.

The time at home will be beneficial not only to the patient but for the loved ones as well. The hospital and similar facilities have restrictions when it comes to the number of visitors and visiting hours. When the patient is at home, other relatives can visit at their preferred time.

There is something peaceful and beautiful in choosing hospice home care. It’s essential you explore your options when you or a loved one is in hospice. Spending time and living the remaining days, weeks, or months of life will be so much easier in a place that is familiar, surrounded by loved ones.


Now that you know how hospice care at home works and its benefits, it’s worth considering. As they say, nothing beats the comforts of home. If you’re looking for a way to make a patient in hospice feel more comfortable during their remaining weeks or months, then you should definitely consider in-home hospice care. With that, you need to find a suitable hospice facility that provides hospice services at home. Do your research and also make sure it is what the patient wants.

If you are decided on getting hospice care for your loved one, consider hospice at home. Here at Bridge Home Health & Hospice, we provide quality home care in California to patients who would like to receive end-of-life care comfortably at home. Contact us today to learn more!