Why Home Safety Evaluations Are Necessary for Senior Adults

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One of the most difficult choices one has to make is the eventual and inevitable parting from parents. Here comes the empty nest syndrome usually felt by older adults as their kids explore life, and in turn, the lingering concern of children about the welfare of their parents. After all, growing up under their care has instilled an unwarranted obligation of ensuring that they live their remaining days in warm, loving, and comfortable conditions.

But how can you make sure that this objective is met even without your supervision? While having them transferred to nursing and care facilities is very commonplace, it may not be the best decision for everyone. Fortunately, family members of older adults may still ensure that their loved ones are well taken care of by signing up for home safety evaluations and availing themselves of homecare services.

Removing Potential Hazards

You know very well that one risk that poses extreme danger to older adults at home is accidental falls and tripping. With unstable knees, poor vision, and back pains, elders are very much susceptible to these types of accidents. Unfortunately, even a simple stumble might lead to grave injuries and permanent disabilities. These dangers in unchecked households pose bigger threats that might result in something as grave as death.

Apart from wrongly placed objects that could be a point of accidents, fire is another significant threat. As shaky hands and blurry eyesight restrict them from doing regular maintenance of electrical systems, unchecked wirings and faulty sockets might eventually lead to a house fire.

The list of risks goes on, and one can only mitigate them through a proper and thorough assessment of the home. Make it a point to visit all parts of the house and note the things that might be a point of concern. While doing so, assess the proper intervention for each identified hazard.

You can evaluate their home by yourself, or you might want to consider having professionals over for in-depth evaluation. Either way, you can ensure that all potential dangers are eradicated and your loved ones are kept safe from harm.

Full Disclosure of the Safety Evaluation

A comprehensive discussion of the overall safety plan is necessary if you decide to have your home assessed by professionals. As this is conducted primarily for their welfare, it is essential that they, too, have a clear understanding of the matter. Sit with them and go through every detail, all while explaining the reasons behind it. More importantly, ask them to be transparent about the effectiveness of these measures and if there is a need to enforce other safety measures.

Another crucial thing that must be considered is how clear these guidelines are to anyone who will visit your loved ones’ home. Have some nurses over for a health check or a cleaner that will inspect the cleanliness and orderliness of the home. Visitors must also be reminded of what they’ll bring in and out of the house, as this effectiveness relies on how willing participants are to fulfill their duties. Keeping your loved one safe at home is a team effort, and everyone must be on the same page at all times.


Busy schedules and time constraints call for a dire need to avail professional safety evaluators. By having your home checked by experts, one may be complacent and ensure that every part of the home is geared towards the welfare and protection of your loved ones.

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