Working with a Medical Social Worker for Your Older Loved One

medical social worker

Adults are expected to be independent in life. A grown person must be able to live on their own and manage their responsibilities to meet their needs. However, as people grow older, the ability to be independent diminishes. They begin to rely more and more on others to live a good quality of life for the rest of their remaining years.

Many people over the age of 65 will need help with their daily activities, such as eating, bathing, walking, and handling medications. What used to be simple to them is now nearly impossible to do alone—so it’s up to other people to help them ensure that they have what they need to keep going each day. 

If you want to guarantee that your elderly loved ones receive the necessary care and support, perhaps you should consider working with a medical social worker.

The Duty of Medical Social Workers in Elderly Care

Medical social workers are responsible for offering support and resources to patients to speed up their recovery from their medical illness or injury. These professionals primarily focus on supporting patients and their families in hospitals, community clinics, hospices, and other health care settings. 

Those who work with older people are called gerontological social workers or geriatric social workers. These professionals care for elderly patients over the age of 65. In outpatient settings, such as with hospice care services at home, geriatric social workers ensure that the elderly receive the mental, emotional, and familial support they need. 

Medical social workers that are in elderly care are responsible for supporting the older patients by:

  • Offering counsel on different matters
  • Arranging the transition from hospital to home
  • Identifying programs and amenities to support their health
  • Knowing what home health care services and support to provide
  • Introducing new technologies or other support systems for easier living
  • Aiding in the communication between health professionals, their loved ones, and others

Signs You Need to Work with a Medical Social Worker

Can your loved one live independently, or do they need extra help? Do you think that the care you’ve been providing has been enough for them? Figuring out if you need an extra hand may be an arbitrary decision, but some signs can definitively point out that you need professional help.

Ask yourself these questions to figure out if it’s time to work with a medical social worker for your elderly loved ones:

  • What happens when the responsibilities become too much to handle?
  • Does your elderly loved one qualify for any support programs?
  • How can you help them prepare for accidents and worst-case scenarios?
  • Does your loved one need regular support at home? How do you coordinate their care?

Working with a medical social worker allows your loved one to live comfortably in their home while still receiving the needed care. You no longer have to constantly worry about their wellbeing, as they will now have someone to ensure that they are safe and healthy.


Caring for the elderly is a big responsibility—if you’re not informed or well-equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills, you may be putting your loved one at risk. Investing in home assisted living in California by having a medical social worker for your older loved one will help them live a much better and happier life!

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