6 Common Myths About Hospice Care You Should Know

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Hospice care is not only an option for terminally ill patients. Rather, it’s an eventuality. Despite the high number of patients who receive hospice care, there are still a lot of people who don’t understand it fully. 

Hospice is a medical care that is designed to help patients who have terminal illnesses live well as much as possible. The medical care is conducted by a team of trained professionals who address the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs of end-of-life patients and their families. To put it simply, it’s all about increasing the quality of life for terminally ill patients by providing them with necessary services. 

Unfortunately, there are plenty of misconceptions about hospice care you need to know about: 

It’s for Patients Who Have Given Up on Life

A common hospice care misconception is that it’s for patients who have given up on life. As mentioned, the truth is hospice is a medical care designed for terminally ill patients to live their final days to the fullest. 

Hospice care provides medical care and pain management along with emotional and spiritual support customized to the needs and wants of the patient. Ultimately, hospice care helps increase the patient’s quality of life and provide support for family members and caretakers. 

You Can Never Go Back

Many people think that being in hospice care is a death sentence when it’s really not. It is a comprehensive service provided to patients with life-limiting illnesses when cure is impossible. However, patients can leave hospice care anytime, especially if a patient’s condition improves. In turn, there is always an option to reapply to hospice. 

It’s for Patients Living Their Final Days

It’s easy to think that hospice care is for patients who are already dying. However, this type of medical care is intended for patients whose diagnosis limits their life expectancy to no more than six months. Still, cases vary. As mentioned, you can always leave hospice care if your condition improves, which means that it is not only for patients living their final days. 

You Don’t Have Control Over Your Care

Although hospice care is designed to increase a patient’s quality of life, still, it can’t be forced on anyone. Patients have the right to request or refuse services. In fact, they may even choose to leave the facility if they want to. 

Families Will Lose Control Over Medical Care

Hospice care isn’t only for the patient, but it’s also for his or her family. Throughout hospice care, the patient and his or her family will have access to support services, such as grief counseling, social services, and many more. 

You Need a Doctor’s Referral

The truth is, anyone can make a referral to hospice. If you believe a loved one can benefit from hospice care, you can make a referral, followed by a doctor’s order to qualify the patient for coverage. 

Find the Best Hospice Care Facility

If you have a loved one who can benefit from hospice care, it’s vital you choose the best facility. Research is important to ensure you find the right care for your loved one. 

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