4 Signs That Your Parents Need Help

Children always ask so many questions as if they will never run out. Parents, in turn, answer each one, their patience never running out. This is the duty of a parentto be patient, to be present, and to provide. 

As children, we relied on our parents for everything. Every bit of worry or fear, they took care of. Every moment of excitement or happiness, they shared with you. Perhaps you’ve gotten used to seeing your parents as your protector and provider all these years, that them needing you is viewed as a concept that’s completely foreign and unrelated!

Becoming Your Parents’ Caregiver

There is a point in your adult life when the dynamics of your relationship between you and your parents begin to shift. You become less and less dependent on them, while they grow more and more dependent on you. 

One day, it just clicksyou realize that your father has been dropping things more often, and your mother keeps forgetting where she put her glasses. The little changes in your parents’ behavior begin to pile up until they don’t seem so little anymore.

Do Your Parents Need Help?

Naturally, your parents will probably answer any question with “I’m fine” for the sake of reassuring you. They may try to act strong—but ultimately, they need your help.

It’s important to first determine what kind of care your parents need, whether you should hire extra hands to help around the house, or you need to start looking for home health or hospice near your area. Look around their home, observe how they live their lives, and try to assess their physical, mental, and emotional states.

Unpaid Bills and Unopened Mail

Anything that requires decision-making becomes more and more difficult as they age. They will try to avoid doing anything that requires too much thinking, as their minds are no longer fit enough to do simple tasks, like taking care of the electricity bill or paying for this month’s rent.

A Messy Home

If there are stacks of dirty dishes on the sink, dust is collecting all over the house, or plants are nearly dying, the chances are that your parents’ bodies can no longer handle physically demanding activities, no matter how easy they seem. 

At their age, everything hurts—from their necks, joints, and down to their back. They can’t clean your dirty room like they used to; normal, daily chores are now impossible and too demanding.

Poor Hygiene

Your parents’ poor hygiene could be caused by a physical or mental problem. It may have slipped their mind to take a bath today, or they just couldn’t risk falling on their back trying to get inside the bathtub.

Depressive Disposition

Loneliness can greatly affect your parents’ mental and emotional health. Everyone needs someone to talk to, most especially elders. Connecting with another person and doing a nice simple activity will greatly help them improve not only their mind but also their mood.


If your parents are experiencing any of those listed above, they probably need help. Just like how your parents raised you, it is now up to you to ensure that they receive the best care that they need. Don’t worry about carrying all the burden—there are multiple senior health services available in California that know exactly what your parents’ needs are and what has to be done to improve their overall health. 

Are your parents too old to be living alone and need taking care of? Leave it to us at Bridge Home Health & Hospice! Our highly-trained team is committed to providing the highest quality home-based patient care for all our clients. We care for each patient as if they were part of our own family. Connect with us now to learn more about our services.

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