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A Helpful Guide to Neuromuscular Rehabilitation Therapy

old man with a cane

Living with a neuromuscular disorder is never easy. You’ll have to adapt to significant changes in your balance, movements, and even the way you talk. Moreover, there’s also the pain, weakened muscles, and impaired breathing to deal with. These conditions can have significant impacts on your daily life and relationships. Neuromuscular rehabilitation therapy is one […]

Introducing Occupational Therapy: How It Can Help You

occupational therapy

Suppose your loved one recently suffered from a stroke, fracture, or other prolonged injuries and diseases. Their doctor might have encouraged you to try occupational therapy to improve their situation. If you feel you need to know more about this treatment, this article will give you a quick background about this form of therapy and […]

Physical Therapy for Parkinson’s Disease: A Brief Guide

physical therapy for older folks

Parkinson’s disease is a progressive neuromuscular and neurological disorder. According to Parkinson’s Foundation, it is so common that almost one million people in the US are living with this condition. If your loved one is one of them, you can show support by learning more about what physical changes they are going through and what […]

What Is a Hospice Volunteer and What Do They Do?


Hospice volunteers are essential to hospice care facilities. To put it simply, they are incredibly kind individuals who volunteer their time freely to patients nearing the end of their lives. Volunteers frequently interact with patients on a more emotional level than doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals. If you’re thinking of volunteering for a local […]

Active Dying: Providing Comfort and Care at the End of Life


Death is an inescapable truth everyone has to face someday. There’s no way around it—you and the people you love will eventually reach the end of your lives.  However, although we have long been taught the mortality of man and the inevitability of death, the awareness of it doesn’t make things easier to accept once […]

What You Need to Know About Stage 3 Chronic Kidney Disease


Chronic kidney disease, also known as kidney failure, is a condition characterized by a loss of kidney function over five different stages. By stage 3, the estimated glomerular filtration rate falls between 30-59, which means there is mild to moderate kidney damage and a noticeable loss of kidney function. Although this damage is permanent, it’s […]

5 Tips When Traveling with Someone Experiencing Dementia

old man with dementia

Although dementia is a condition that impairs someone’s ability to remember, think, or make decisions, it should not inhibit people who have it from traveling and enjoying life. Whether you’re traveling for leisure or to attend a family event, the condition should not inhibit your family member from attending. Traveling may be a great way […]