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Making Aging in Place Viable for People with Mobility Issues

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Aging in place (or staying in an individual’s own home as they grow older) is popular among the elderly, especially when they want to live relatively independently and know they will not adjust well in a drastically different living condition. However, doing so may be difficult for people with mobility issues. Leaving a loved one […]

Vital Questions to Ask When Choosing a Hospice Care Provider

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There’s no denying that choosing the perfect hospice provider for a loved one can be scary and overwhelming sometimes. Since there are numerous options available, it’s pretty hard to decide which one best fits the needs of the person in question. In general, all hospices offer a base level of care and services to their […]

How to Choose the Best Hospice Care For Your Loved One

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When hospice care is suggested for a loved one, family members typically react with mixed feelings. What family members need to realize is that the doctor’s suggestion is motivated by compassion. When continued therapy is no longer the best choice, hospice care takes over. Hospice focuses on care rather than cure. The goal of hospice […]

The Importance of Home Health after a Knee Replacement Surgery

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As people grow older, a common health condition that you can experience because of old age is joint pain that could worsen over time and possibly require surgery. Nowadays, more and more seniors are becoming at risk of undergoing operations to replace their hips and knees. As the younger and newer generations gradually take over, […]

Effective Tips to Help Your Loved Ones Avoid Fall Accidents

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The elderly require more care and attention because they could be at risk of falls that could put their lives on the line, resulting in injuries, trauma, and even death. It’s dangerous for them to live alone because if they cannot take good care of themselves and they experience a fall accident, it could make […]

5 Factors That Can Affect Wound Healing in Older Adults

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UV rays, pollution, friction, tension, temperature, and a slew of other environmental variables all put a strain on the skin. It’s entirely possible to develop a wound when there is enough stress to break the skin. When this happens, your body will exert all effort and drain other vital resources away from other body processes […]

Prevent Medication Errors in Elderly Patients with Diabetes

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Medications should be taken consistently to get their maximum effect. When the intake becomes irregular, the drug might not work as effectively. Medication discrepancy is one of the biggest opponents of good health. When people fail to take their medicine as prescribed, the chances of managing their conditions well also decrease. Diabetes is one example […]

What Do You Do if Your Older Loved One Refuses Care?

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Stubbornness knows no age, especially when it involves elderly care. Of course, any child would want the best care for their parents—there is peace of mind in knowing that they are provided with sufficient support and loving care. However, it’s crucial to keep in mind that choosing to invest in home health service isn’t only […]

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